7 things that will help you keep your house clean in about an hour a day | simplykierste.com

7 things that will keep your house clean in about an hour a day!

Oh, how I love having a clean home.  But life is crazy busy, and there are always a million things to do all of the time, and it can be tricky to keep up on housework. Whether you work out of the home or in the home, to-do lists and responsibilities can be a mile long, and you might feel like you just don't have time to do what needs to be done.

Years ago, I developed a method that really worked for me, and I've been able to maintain it through six kids, working, staying home, and now working/blogging from home. I've found that I can just maintain a clean house, the daily chores just don't take as long, so I can fit a lot more in. There are seven things that I do on a daily basis, and those things can help you keep a clean house in just about an hour a day!

I don't always do everything in one straight hour--most of the time it's some in the morning and some in the evening--but the great thing about these things is that they can be done any time of the day or night, based on your personal circumstances.  Except making your bed...it really makes the most sense to do that in the morning. :)

Let me show you...

7 things that will help you keep your house clean in about an hour a day | simplykierste.com


Why our kids have chores + free printable chore guide | simplykierste.com

Why our kids have chores + an age-appropriate chores guideline

Ever since I posted my cleaning schedule and talked about my kids having their own chores, I've had a lot of comments, questions, and e-mails about our chores routine. It's been on my mind quite a bit lately too, because this year each of my six kids are turning ages where we can add a few more chores that they are able to do. We also moved from a larger home to a tiny apartment that we are living in while our new house is being built, and it's definitely required me to make a few changes, so I figured it was a good time to write out how our family handles chores for kids, and more importantly, why.

We start chores young at our house--they are are one of the most vital parts of our family structure, and not only keep our home running smoothly, but teach my kids life lessons on an ongoing basis.  There are many reasons for having our kids do chores, but there are six that we feel are the most important.

Why our kids have chores + free printable chore guide | simplykierste.com


Easy Things to Do Before Showing Your Home to a Potential Buyer | simplykierste.com

5 Easy Things to Do Before Showing Your Home to a Potential Buyer

We are in the buying and selling mode once again, as we prepare for our move to New York. We've prepped our house for sale--painting, yardwork, and other small details that needed to be done. We just put it on the market, and we're ready for buyers to come through! I want the very best first impression for anyone that comes into our home, and there are five simple things that I do every single time a potential buyer is going to see our home that I've found to make a huge difference. They can be done in around 15-20 minutes, so even if you have a last minute showing, you can pull these off!

Easy Things to Do Before Showing Your Home to a Potential Buyer | simplykierste.comIf you've ever walked through a home that's for sale, you know that first impressions stay with you--good or bad. The homes that smell good, look neat and clean, and are well presented are always the ones that stay on my list. I also have six kids, and trying to keep a home completely clean and straightened is a challenge, but it's important to me, and it's all worth it when that sold sign goes up!!!


How to Have a Clean Home EVERY Day + Free Printable Checklist

One of the things I get asked about most is my cleaning schedule and regimen. I love having a clean home, and not just once a week, but every day. I can manage the rest of my life so much better when my house is clean and organized, and there's something about an orderly home that provides a more calming atmosphere.  Over the years as we've added more children to our family, it's be come even more essential, because there are so many more people contributing to the mess and chaos!

a clean house every day | simplykierste.com

Years ago,  I developed a routine that has worked wonders for me, and I've loved it ever since. I'm going to share my secret with you today! It works, and if you follow it, you WILL have a clean house.


{holiday cleaning made easy with steel meister!}

We are counting down the hours until our friends arrive for Thanksgiving.  We have missed them terribly since we moved away, and we couldn't be more excited that they're coming.  I can't wait to eat yummy food, show them all of our favorite places, watch movies, let our kids play as much as they want the friends that they've missed, play games, stay up all night talking, and just be together. Did I say eat yummy food?  ☺ To me these are the epitome of the holidays!

Since they're arriving soon, I'm in prep mode, and a big part of that is making sure my house is totally clean and orderly.  I'm a total clean freak, so it's really important to me that everything looks right.  My one cleaning nemesis has always been my stainless steel appliances.  I love the way they look,  but I've always struggled get them to be as clean as I wanted them to be. Since I'm kind of crazy about cleaning, when it comes to fingerprints and smears on my appliances, well...let's just say I have been wiping them down at least 15 times a day.  At least.  Sixty little fingers...*sigh*

I've tried different stainless steel cleaners, and never been totally satisfied...until now.  Recently  I was sent a sample of Steel Meister, and my life will never be the same! I will no longer be a slave to my stainless steel appliances. ☺