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Building Old Salt Farm

I am in the middle of one of my biggest projects to date...building our new home...Old Salt Farm.  Last year when we moved from Texas to upstate New York, we knew we wanted to build--and we wanted to have more acreage.  So, we put all of our stuff into storage, and moved our family into a small (very small for the eight of us) apartment while we looked for property and began the building process.  I've always dreamed of having a farmhouse in the country, and it's about to happen!!

It's been an adventure over the last eight months, traversing regulations, attorneys, and lots of red tape. We have built before, but I didn't realize how different it would be building in another state.  FINALLY, the ground is breaking this week, and we could not be more excited!

I thought it would be fun to document the building process, and to share what it looks like from start to finish.  The plan is to post weekly or bi-weekly (depending on the building schedule) with updates on the progress, showing how it all works, and giving you a peek at the behind-the-scenes.  If you've built before, I would love any tips you have to share!  Even though we do have some experience going into it, it's amazing how much there is to learn.

So...let's start at the very beginning...

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Favorite farmware…and where to find it!

I am in love with all things farmhouse, and I'm always on the lookout for decor that fits my farmhouse style.  I've come across some great sites through my searching, and discovered some of my favorite farmware that I want to share with you today...and also where to get them! What I love about just about every one of these items is that they can cross style genres--industrial, traditional, coastal--and can fit into so many different types of spaces. I absolutely love each of these!

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How To Paint a Piano & Add Shiplap…A Piano Makeover!

So, I planked my piano.  YES, I did! I have been wanting to paint my piano for a very long time.  Years, in fact.  I don't know why I've hesitated, because normally I paint anything and everything I can get my hands on. I think a lot of it is due to the fact that the last couple of years we have been moving around a lot--three states in a two and a half years--and now that our new house will be finished in a few months, our temporary living situation will cease. Hallelujah! I haven't been able to really do any projects or decorating for years, and I'm more than ready to start digging into my mile-long list so they'll be ready when we move in.

Project #1?  The piano.  It's one of the few things we kept out of storage. We might be sleeping on futons, and we don't have a real kitchen table, but we have a piano! As a pianist, it was never really a question if it was coming with us or not, and now that my kids are playing too, we found the space. It's actually the piano I learned to play on, and it has a lot of sentimental value.  It just needed major makeover--mostly because it just wasn't my style, and the wood was an orange-y color that didn't go with anything. So I decided to go all in--not just paint, but a update it with whole new look that would match our new farmhouse-style home. When I think farmhouse, I think of planked wood.  I'm kind of obsessed.  But really, how much more perfect can you get?  So, yes, I planked my piano. And I LOVE it.

How to plank a piano & a chalk paint piano makeover | simplykierste.com